"To fail to plan, is to plan to fail"

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Buisness Planning with TFE

Without a solid plan for the business you want to set up, you are leaving yourself open to chance. You wouldn't go on holiday, or even on a night out, without some kind of plan in place.

So why do something as important and potentially risky as starting a business, without first making a robust business plan?

In May 2015, alternative lender Just Cash Flow PLC carried out a survey of 250 small business owners.


80% of those business owners admitted that when they started up in business they didn't know everything they needed to.
63% of those surveyed said that fewer businesses would fail if owners had more knowledge before setting up.
Importantly, 29% of those surveyed wished they had known more about business planning.

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A Self-Employment workshop from TfE allows you to take charge of your future at no charge to you. Make sure you have the vital knowledge in place before you take the plunge and start up.

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