"A forecast is like the weather, and changes over time"

Geoff Letby (1949 - 2015), founder of Training for Employment.

Financial Services

If you don't have a realistic plan for your business finances, you are at the mercy of chance. Nobody would plan a wedding or make a large purchase such as a car without having a budget in place. No-one would take out a loan without having a repayment plan.

Starting a business carries a high level of financial commitment. Do not add to that risk by not making a robust financial budget and cash flow forecast.

Just Cash Flow PLC, an alternative lender, carried out a survey of 250 small business owners in May 2015. 200 of those business owners surveyed (80%) admitted that when they started up they didn't know everything they needed to.

Overall, 157 of those surveyed (63%) said that fewer businesses would fail if business owners had more knowledge before they started up.

A Self-Employment workshop from TfE allows you to take control of your future, and will cost you nothing but a few hours of your time.

You will learn about Financial planning, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, profit and loss, break even sales and more.

Of those surveyed:

90 (36%) wished they had known more about cash flow management - their top concern;
75 (30%) wished they had known more about business finance;
57 (23%) wished they had known more about financial forecasting.

Knowledge Is Power

Ensure you have the vital knowledge in place before you take the plunge and start up. Take charge of your future and book onto a free workshop today.