Keeping their business legally compliant is a major concern

for learners who book onto a TfE self-employment workshop.

Legal Matters

If they don't comply with legislation, then business owners could potentially face fines, a court appearance or even a prison sentence.

GDPR - businesses must comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation.  Companies who do not comply, risk fines up to 4% of revenue.

HMRC -already impose daily fines if you fail to submit your tax return on time. Companies House require regular updates from certain types of business and compliance with the Companies Act 2006.

Under the Pensions Act 2004, the Pensions Regulator has rules in place for workplace pensions. A football club has recently been fined £22,000 for not complying with regulations for workplace pensions.

Make sure you know what to do to comply with the rules Book on a free TfE workshop today.

Starting a business is risky and nothing is certain. Don’t add to that risk by not finding out everything you can about the laws governing the self-employed small business owner.

A survey of 250 small business owners was carried out in May 2015 by alternative lender Just Cash Flow PLC.

Overall, 90 of those who took the survey (63%) said that, if business owners had more knowledge before they started up, fewer businesses would fail. A Self-Employment workshop from TfE lets you take positive action for your future, and costs you nothing but some of your time.

You will learn about who to contact and what to do to comply with the rules and keep you business legal.

Of those surveyed:

200 (80%) admitted that they didn't know everything they needed to when they started up;
35 (14%) admitted to making mistakes that put their business at risk;
25 (10%) have made errors which 'cost their business dear'.

Keep your eyes open

Make sure that you are going into self-employment with your eyes open. Ensure you know what you need to keep your business compliant. Increase your chance of success and book a place on a free TfE workshop in York or in Selby today.