For learners who book onto a TfE self-employment workshop, taxation is the main concern

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If you don't comply with their rules and regulations, which are set down in law, there is possibility of a fine from HMRC. HMRC - also known as the Inland Revenue or 'the tax people' - will fine anyone £100 who is late filing their tax return, and they now impose daily fines if you fail to comply after a certain time.

Find out what you need to do to comply by booking a free place on a TfE workshop.

Starting a business carries a level of risk and uncertainty. Why add to that risk by not finding out everything you can about the laws governing businesses and the self-employed?

A survey of 250 small business owners was carried out in May 2015 by alternative lender Just Cash Flow PLC.

200 of those business owners surveyed (80%) admitted that they didn't know everything they needed to when they started up.

Overall, 90 of those who took the survey (63%) said that, if business owners had more knowledge before they started up, fewer businesses would fail.

A Self-Employment workshop from TfE lets you take positive action for your future, and costs you nothing but some of your time.

Of those surveyed:

35 (14%) admitted to making mistakes that put their business at risk;
25 (10%) have made errors which 'cost their business dear'.

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You will learn about taxation, self-assessment, HMRC tax rates, National Insurance Contributions (NIC) and more. Ensure you have the vital knowledge in place before taking that brave step into self-employment. Increase your chance of success and book a place on a free TfE workshop in York or in Selby today.